About Citizen -S-

Established in 2020, Citizen -S- aims to provide a range of social activities in which disabled people can fully participate, determine and then open to the wider community in which they live, reducing the barriers disabled people experience in relation to community participation; addressing social isolation and exclusion.

Founded by SPAEN Chief Executive and amateur musician, Colin Millar recognised the power of groups coming together around shared interests and hobbies as a means of improving and sustaining good mental and physical health and overall well-being.

"Far too often, we focus on social care being about people staying in their own homes or a community setting for longer without appreciating that we're continuing to drive social exclusion and isolation and impact negatively on peoples' mental and physical well-being.

Having activity focussed groups, means that we come together with other people in the same circumstances as us and we focus on what we want to achieve and enjoy rather than on what we can't do.

Being part of a community, no matter how small and no matter what the shared focus, is a positive and empowering experience.  Citizen -S- offers that positive experience regardless of disability, illness or impairment."

Could you help your fellow citizens?

Citizen -S- is an independently funded project and can only operate thanks to your kind donations.  If you could offer Citizen -S- or any of it's projects any kind of support (financial or non-financial), we'd love to hear from you.
Please use the "Tell Me More" button on the Sponsors & Supporters page to discuss how you could help.