JAM Project

The Just About Music (JAM) project recognises that everyone has different skills and abilities and it's in combining these that we create the beautiful orchestra that is a community.

Whether you've never lifted an instrument before in your life or you're a practiced and seasoned player, JAM is the place for you!
You can access and try out a range of musical instruments or come along and sing with others who share your passion for music, all that matters is that you have fun and make new friends.

"Music's not only a great way to express yourself, it's also a great way of bringing individuals and communities together, share a common language and make a contribution to the community.

Colin Millar, Founder

Creative Writing

Whether it's short poems or grand novels, if you enjoy any kind of writing, we're here to help you.
Let your imagination run loose or turn your hand to some factual writing about a subject you're passionate about.
Our facilitated classes will support you get your ideas onto paper (and who knows - maybe even into Hollywood!)

Arts & Crafts

Channel your inner self in our Arts & Crafts programme, whether you're an aspiring Salvador Dali, a potential Picasso or a dedicated Da Vinci, you'll get the chance to meet other people just like you who're keen to learn and express themselves using arts and crafts.

Mind, Body & Soul

Bring mind, body and soul together for improved mental health and well-being.
This introduction is open to anyone and everyone of any ability and provides you with a range of exercises (both physical and mental) that can be done anywhere, anytime; standing, sitting or lying down.  

Gamers Unite

Love gaming?  So do we!  This new addition is coming soon so please keep checking back for more news and upcoming events where #citizen gamers of Scotland can unite!